Behavioral Health & Substance Abuse

In partnership with health care providers and educators, the Benedictine Health Foundation continually develops innovative, grass roots programs to improve the health and well-being of individuals who are vulnerable and under-served in Ulster County and the surrounding area. Our programs are offered in hospital, community and school-based settings.

The Foundation supports educational workshops, motivational presentations, and health and wellness classes to inspire, engage, and educate thousands of adolescents in Ulster County each year.

Outreach and Education

Kingston High School Positive Behavioral Health and Supports (PBIS) Initiative

PBSI is a proactive systems approach to encourage students to care for themselves and one another. The program is designed to create a school culture where all students can achieve social, emotional, and academic success.

Motivational Presentations by Tay “Firefly” Fisher, Harlem Globetrotters Star and Kingston High School Grad

This program is designed to help students prepare for their high school and college experience. Tay communicates what inspired him to become successful so adolescents can establish their own path to success.

Juan Carlos (Latin) Pineiro, motivational speaker and spoken word artist dedicated to youth and positive change.

An interactive assembly with expressive art exercises shares the message of persistence, determination, and being proud to be different in light of his youthful battle against bullies and lifelong struggle with mental illness.

“Teens are by nature at a crucial, formative time in their lives that requires our guidance, support and sensitivity. In addition to the inherent stress in their developmental stage, there are frequently genetic, environmental, psychological, social and emotional issues that create complexities that leave them struggling, often in silence, to find the strength and skills to manage, let alone succeed. As a community, we must raise awareness, provide education, facilitate understanding and give voice to the shame and stigma around mental health issues if we expect our adolescents to transition into healthy, functional, fulfilled adults.”

– Amy Kapes, LMSW, KHS Social Worker, DASA Coordinator

Health and Wellness

Movement Groups provide an alternative way to express and process difficult emotions while encouraging increased physical activity and promoting wellness.

YMCA Membership for participants in the Adolescent Partial Program at HealthAlliance Hospital reinforces the correlation between physical activity and mental health, affords young people the opportunity to make healthy decisions, and provides an alternative way to reduce stress.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Sessions (EAP)
EAP is an evidenced based therapy model which incorporates the use of horses, a licensed therapist, and horse specialist effective in treating a variety of behavioral health issues for high risk adolescents. EAP is successful in building self-esteem, increasing self-awareness, and improving social skills.

Center for Creative Education Step Dance
CCE provides innovative, high quality programs with a special emphasis on serving low income, minority and at-risk children and youth.

To learn more about programs funded by the Benedictine Health Foundation, contact Barbara Klassen, Executive Director, at (845) 481-1303.

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