A message from the President

As President, I would like to take this time to pause and reflect on what we accomplished over the last year. Benedictine Health Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is “to raise and distribute financial resources to those struggling with a cancer diagnosis and whose financial means limit their ability to access or receive the care that they need”. Did we live up to our mission? One thing I know for sure is that your support has been vital as we provided funding to over 130 local families struggling with a cancer diagnosis.

It couldn’t be more vital for recipients of the Rosemary D. Gruner Memorial Cancer Fund or the Cancer Patient Emergency Assistance Fund as stated by Elisa, “Thank you for the bottom of my heart. I’m a single mother of a seven-year-old child and am working two jobs. Cancer treatment and reconstruction have already caused me to lose several weeks of work, not to mention pay. The financial support is incredible and makes it possible for me to pay my most essential bills and to feed my son. Thank you to all who make this possible.”

The Benedictine Health Foundation provides an “essential service” through the Rosemary D. Gruner Memorial Cancer Fund that provides local residents in current treatment with $500 in gift cards annually to purchase nutritious food and/or fuel. The Cancer Patient Emergency Assistance Fund provides up to $250 annually to assist with paying bills directly i.e., electric, phone, fuel oil/propane water or rent. Our challenge is to ensure that we continue to provide these services throughout the years to come.

The impact you make on the local community is incredible! Thank you for staying focused on our mission and the community we serve. YOU are making a difference.

As 2022 ends, please show your support for the Benedictine Health Foundation with a year-end gift today, of any amount. Please consider donating online at www.benedictinehealthfoundation.org.

May you and your loved ones share a safe and wonderful holiday season!


With gratitude,

MaryRose Warcholak

Supporting the Benedictine Spirit of Compassionate Care