A message from the President

As we approach the new year, we reflect on the profound difference each of you make in the lives of our community members who are faced with a diagnosis of cancer. We want to express our gratitude for our donors, event participants and friends. Now is a wonderful reminder that your dedication has strengthened our community.

It is comforting to know that we have served over 110 families and community members in 2021 suffering from a diagnosis of cancer.

As quoted by Laurie H., a recent recipient of the program, “Thank you so much for awarding me the grant and assistance that has helped to make an otherwise unpleasant situation much less stressful and worrisome. I was also fortunate enough to have my electric bill paid this month through your foundation. Being unemployed while I go through chemotherapy and cancer treatment has proven difficult in more ways than one. Your foundation and the Gruner grant has helped to alleviate some of the financial burden and for that I am truly grateful. I so appreciate the local efforts and the work you do and hope to someday pay it forward.”

Also quoted by Carl & Christine B., Thank you for the $500 in gift cards. The food and gas cost are an issue for most people today, especially those on limited income. It sure is coming in handy driving to all the appointments and treatments. The extra $250 paying Central Hudson was also a big relief…we really and truly appreciate the help”

The Benedictine Health Foundation is truly grateful for the compassion, dedication, and perseverance that guided us through a time of tremendous uncertainty. Please consider making a donation to ensure that the Benedictine Health Foundation can continue to provide critically needed resources for the community that we serve, patients struggling with a cancer diagnosis. We simply could not do it without you!

Your contribution, at any amount, reflects your faith in our mission and honors the special place the Foundation holds in your heart. Please donate online at www.benedictinehealthfoundation.org

Thank you for allowing the Benedictine Health Foundation to continue to be your trusted partner. We look forward to achieving great things together in the coming year.


With gratitude,

MaryRose Warcholak

Supporting the Benedictine Spirit of Compassionate Care