Benedictine Health Foundation Announces New Mission and Vision

The Benedictine Health Foundation, Inc., has recently announced their new mission and vision following HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley’s decision to consolidate the services of Benedictine and Kingston Hospital into a single-campus model, and the formation of a HealthAlliance Foundation.

The Benedictine Health Foundation will support quality health care that improves the physical, psychological, and spiritual well being of those who are vulnerable and underserved. The Foundation will continue to support the work and presence of the Benedictine Sisters within the HealthAlliance system while expanding their legacy of compassionate care throughout Ulster County. As part of their strategic focus and grant-making, the Foundation has established three pillars of excellence: Pastoral Care and Education, Cancer Patient and Family Services including the Rosemary D. Gruner Memorial Cancer Fund, and Mental Health and Addiction Recovery.

“’Care of the sick must rank above and before all else’ is a quote from the Rule of St. Benedict,” said Sister Sharon McHugh, O.S.B, Prioress of the Benedictine Sisters of Elizabeth, N.J. “The roots of our Benedictine heritage are embedded in the mission and values of the Benedictine Health Foundation. The Sisters are grateful that the Foundation will focus their attention on these three pillars, all of which the Sisters have been strong proponents of over the years.”

Rich Gillette, President of the Benedictine Health Foundation, said the Foundation’s vision is to be a leading investor and partner in its community.

“We are excited about our future, and look forward to a continued partnership with our donors, hospitals, pastoral care providers, and others who are sensitive to the needs for quality and compassionate healthcare,” Gillette said.

Sister Mary Feehan, O.S.B. will continue in her role as Chairperson of the Foundation Board of Directors. Officers of the Board are Richard H. Gillette, Board President, Rick McColgan, First Vice President, Julie H. Krieger, Second Vice President, Bernard A. Feeney, III, Treasurer, and Daniel J. Gruner, Secretary.

“We look forward to working closely with the Benedictine Health Foundation in meeting the healthcare needs of our community,” said David Lundquist, President and CEO of HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley. “Their newly defined mission will provide much needed support to those in our community suffering from mental health and cancer related health issues.”

“The Benedictine Health Foundation will continue the tradition started many years ago to provide financial support for the health care needs of our community,” said Kevin Ryan, Chairman of the HealthAlliance Board of Directors. “The community will benefit from a coordinated effort between the HealthAlliance Foundation and the Benedictine Health Foundation to broaden their reach while focusing on these three critical pillars of their Mission.”

Supporting the Benedictine Spirit of Compassionate Care