Linda Young Ovarian Cancer Program


The Linda Young Ovarian Cancer Support Program was established in collaboration with the Benedictine Health Foundation, Inc., and the Oncology Support Program at Benedictine Hospital (now HealthAlliance Hospital Mary’s Avenue Campus) in 2001. The program is committed to prevention, early detection, and health care advocacy to help the women of our community cope with ovarian and other gynecologic cancers.

As part of the Program’s mission, a fund was established to offer financial assistance for eligible gynecologic cancer patients in the Hudson Valley region. Contributions to the Fund are restricted for this purpose and administered by the Benedictine Health Foundation, Inc. (Tax ID: 22-2243537)

Assistance Provided

Items that can be covered through this financial assistance include housing, utilities, food, transportation, and unreimbursed medical expenses. The Foundation will reimburse providers of goods and services directly.

Qualifying for Assistance

Patients with a gynecologic cancer diagnosis living in the Hudson Valley who have an annual household income of less than $50,000 or a single income of less than $35,000 are eligible to apply for assistance.

All eligible patients must complete a financial assistance application and provide proof of income eligibility.

Download application here

The intention of the fund is to distribute up to $500 per person per calendar year. If a request is greater than $500 in a calendar year, the Director of the HealthAlliance Oncology Support Program will consult with the Linda Young Advisory Committee to determine if an individual is to receive a greater distribution based on her specific need.

The Linda Young Ovarian Cancer Program will provide up to $4,000 per calendar year in financial assistance, leaving open the possibility for additional funding upon recommendation by the HealthAlliance Oncology Support Program Director and/or the Linda Young Advisory Committee.

All applications and request for additional funding will be approved by the Fund Administrator prior to distribution.

For further information about the Linda Young Ovarian Cancer Support Programs at HealthAlliance, contact the Oncology Support Program at (845) 339-2071.



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